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Yellow light dances

When we began fighting the coronavirus by staying at home it was Lent. Brother Mickey Mcgrath had suggested taking 15 minutes a day and drawing as a Lenten practice. I decided to try it - first with colored pencils and then with pastels. (I don't have the patience to work with colored pencils.) I sat down one day - I intended to draw something that expressed my very mixed feelings. It was a beautiful spring day - and I had enjoyed a lovely walk. I was also worried - about so many things. I have a teenager - on the best days there are a few worries and these aren't the best days. So, I picked up a yellow pastel to draw

the lovely spring part of the picture. . . and I didn't put it down. The yellow pastel spoke clearly - "Let me dance on this page - there will be gloom and darkness on many other pages." I listened and enjoyed letting the yellow pastel dance on many pages.

It's an important question - what to focus on - which emotions to tap into when you are creating. Anger and frustration sometimes boil up and demand an outlet. I don't often express them directly - but focus on how I feel things should be. When I started painting the card for Light in the Darkness I was very unhappy. Lighting a candle is one of my responses to grief. Drawing with the yellow pastel allowed me to move through the fears a bit and enjoy the beauty outdoors and have fun with the colors.

I'm not drawing quite as much now because I have started painting again. For a while I wasn't painting - I didn't feel connected to the painting I was working on because too much had changed. The drawing helped me find something to paint. Plus I have wanted to do more drawing or some kind of warm up exercise - something quick and easy. Some days I would draw for 15 minutes. . .others for an hour or two. That was surprising and delightful - it's a way to reconnect with colors and paper. I think I will find it very useful and in any case it's fun.

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