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Wings are a powerful visual image and there are so many kinds. Bird wings come in lots of sizes and shapes. Butterfly wings have intricate patterns and they are iridescent! Dragons, angels -

many wonderful creatures have wings.

When I started the drawing for this painting I was thinking about butterfly or perhaps angel wings. The drawing surprised me because they definitely aren't butterfly wings and to me, not angel wings either. To me these are griffon's wings - strong and a bit alien. Empowering. These are wings that could take you to faraway places.

Sadly as humans we don't have wings. For the most part our flying is done in uncomfortable metal containers. It's a shame. When I was younger though, I loved to fly and my son loves it now. It can be the beginning of an adventure.

Since we don't have physical wings we have developed other sorts of wings. Reading can take me many places. I can have wings if I am a dragon - which is my preference. I would love to be a purple dragon and fly and have misadventures due to my strong love of chocolate and my need to procure dragon size quantities. Those are wings of fantasy and I enjoy them.

Some other wings are music, painting, and prayer. These can support and sustain me. They can also lead me forward into new ventures. We are created to walk and run and swim, but sometimes, I think we are meant to fly. We need to find our wings and use them.

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