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White on white

In my last post I mentioned that Lent is like a black and white drawing or photograph. That got me thinking about several artists. One that you will know is M. C. Escher who did wonderful black and white drawings. I thought I would write about him, but then I felt that most people are already familiar with Escher. One of the reasons I really like Escher is that he combines art and mathematics. I like math and art and find the combination delightfull! A quick Google search led me to an article: " 7 Times Mathematics Became Art and Blew our Minds" This is from Science Alert and written by Fiona Macdonald.

I'm only going to tell you about the first artist, Simon Beck. He works with snow and likes to use fractals in his artistic creations. This is an illustration of one fractal - the Koch Snowflake.

I'm not going to discuss the fabulous math associated with this fractal. As you can see

it starts very simply and quickly becomes more complex following a very ordered pattern.

Simon Beck took the pattern and created this:

He creates these very large works by running through the snow wearing snowshoes. He usually takes one day to make them - obviously faster is better. Sometimes they last for weeks or months. Sometimes the weather changes unexpectedly and he doesn't even get to complete them. I'm definitely going to learn more about his artworks.

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