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We are waiting

Advent - We are waiting. We wait in joyful hope.

I really like the season of Advent. I like the dark, the quiet, the looking inward - is my heart ready to receive God? How can I be more open? What can I hear in the quiet darkness?

I was thinking about waiting. My husband is retired from the Army and currently on his second career. As an army wife I did a lot of waiting - he would be away and I would wait for him to return. We also waited when we were trying to have children. That didn't work so

I waited and worked to complete the adoption paperwork and then we brought our son home. Then there was worried and joyful waiting - for him to walk, for him to talk. . . and many other milestones. Our lives have a lot of waiting - but that also means they can be full of anticipation, full of hope. I once read that part of really enjoying a vacation is the anticipation before the event.

We wait in joyful hope. We try to find the peaceful moments, to carve out some quiet time. This is also a very busy season! I have trouble not getting caught up, not overplanning - because I do like starting new projects! I like shopping, I like crafting, I like decorating and I like baking - which gives me many opportunities to miss the deeper, quieter joys in a whirl of frenzied, sometimes fun, activity.

One of my favorite Advents our church had an evening of reflection each week. I think I made three of them. It was calm and beautiful and brought so much more to this season. So I shall try to be less busy and allow time for quiet reflection amongst the traditions and preparations.

We wait . . . Jesus is coming!

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