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Walks in the Woods (I)

First a quick note - if you are trying to find me on Facebook - Facebook is running security checks. I hope to be back there soon.

My plan for this blog is to write about art on Mondays and Wednesdays, but about other things on Fridays. . . so the woods.

Many years ago I was reading and working with Julia Cameron's "The Artist's Way" and I was enjoying it until I came to the section on walking. . . and I thought - goodness, that's a lot of walking and then, no, I don't think so. . . but times change. Now, I have a dog and a stressful commute and several parks with lovely woods to walk in. . . so Mia, my dog, and I walk every weekday. I greatly enjoy these walks - especially right now with the lovely sunny weather. But even when it is rainy or quite cold - I huddle in my car- and then take some deep breaths and head out. Once I get started I enjoy the walk - there's just an open feeling about being outdoors. My worries get lighter and less snarly and I feel more peaceful and positive.

There are many remarkable discoveries in the woods. Trees are such good companions to be with. I've often thought if I weren't a Christian I would seriously consider tree worship. They are rooted and solid and at the same time they can dance in the wind and the sun. There is solace to be found among trees.

Recently there have also been lots of mushrooms and fungus. Pink, yellow and brown mushrooms cropping up almost everywhere - great fun! and soon the leaves will change.

So I must conclude that Ms. Cameron was correct and that an artist can benefit greatly from what might seem, at first, like too much walking. . .

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