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Walking by water

Most of my walks have some sort of water - creeks, rivers, swamps, ponds. Walking near

water is relaxing. One spring it was pretty warm so I decided I would go wading in the

creek. It was So Much Fun! Adventure and joy! I have a picture of my son as a toddler. He is sitting in a puddle playing with a huge stick. He is filled with delight. Wading in the creek I felt that same delight. So I decided that I should do it more often.

I got out my computer and discovered that there were some parks with beaches on the

Chesapeake bay that were only about 15 minutes away. So I walk on the beach about once a week and when the weather is good I go barefoot. It's a kind of scrubby beach but there's some sand. . . Close your eyes for a minute and imagine walking barefoot on sand - warm dry sand, wet firm sand, wet sclooshy sand - feel your toes curling and digging in happily. Your feet send happy, relaxing messages through your whole body.

I think, as adults, we sometimes don't make opportunities to play, to be delighted. When,

in addition to being adults, we become parents, this can get even worse. Finding the balance between rest and relaxation and the TO DO list is always challenging for me. So, for relaxation and fun I take time and walk on the beach every week.

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