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the glories of Fall

I love Fall and the glorious colors! I've struggled to paint leaves and feel this is one of my more successful efforts. You might not get this - it's a leaf - just paint it.

But there are so many decisions to make.

I have a gift for abstraction - which means I can make complex objects simpler and still have an interesting design, an interesting painting. One of the things that makes leaves so interesting are their details - the veins, the different colors. So, it's harder for me to decide how much to leave in. I'm trying to paint more freely because I like the result and I find it more expressive. I like this painting but it required a lot of control - so I'm not entirely satisfied.

These are sweet gum leaves - as are the ones in the painting. They are one of my favorites - they have a great shape and a wide range of colors - yellow, gold, red, peach, dark red and even a very dark purple. There are also many sizes - like the tiny gold leaf in the photo on the left.

I call this big blue leaf. It's another of my favorite leaves - the sycamore. Someone once said that the sycamore leaf is like a maple on steroids - they get really big and have really interesting shapes. Sometimes they are golden but frequently they are a boring brown. The shape and size make up for the color. This painting is not quite finished but it has the feeling I wanted and shows how much fun the shape of this leaf can be. It has more freedom than the previous painting. . . but I'd like to explore further with the balance of freedom and detail.

When I decided to make cards this painting reminded me of the words from a song -

May you go forth in joy - and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands!

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