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Stepping stones

We were in Kansas. My husband was getting his Master's degree at the University of Kansas and I took some classes as well. I took a variety of classes - computer science, German, and some art classes. I started with a drawing class - I had never taken a drawing class before and it was a prerequisite for all the other art classes. It was a really good class for me - I don't draw much and certainly the practice and the instruction were helpful. Also we did some work from nude models which I think is an important experience for an artist. It was exciting in some ways and in other ways not really my thing. But, in general, it was a good experience. The thing that drove me crazy - it wasn't too bad at first, but gradually got more trying, was the lack of color. We drew in black and white with all the shades of grey but for most of the class were not allowed to use color. This was probably a good thing but after a while it became really annoying to try and create art in black, white and grey.

This is the first drawing I made when we were finally! allowed to use colors. No, the subject was not my choice - but I didn't realize that I could enjoy drawing a picture of a paper bag. I used pastels and I really enjoyed creating this.

After the drawing class I wanted to take a painting class. The class I wanted required 2 design classes as prerequisites. I didn't have time for that and I had already taken some design classes. So, I took a deep breath and made an appointment to see the Dean of the Fine Arts Program. I told him a little about my background and why I wanted to take the painting class. I also told him that I didn't want to work in acrylics - it was an acrylic painting class - but that I wanted to work in watercolors. He was very helpful. He said I should certainly take the class and introduced me to the professor and explained that I wanted to work in watercolors. The professor was also quite helpful - he took me to visit a friend of his who was a very good watercolor artist. That was really great, but the class was a bit frustrating. I just wasn't able to paint the way I did in Texas. I didn't understand it then and I don't really understand it now. I do think that sometimes one simply does better work than at other times. I usually do quite well in a classroom setting but for reasons I couldn't figure out this particular class wasn't working that well for me.

This is one of the paintings I did. It's a nice painting but not as exciting as some of my earlier ones. I am glad that I talked to the Dean and took the class although I wish I had been able to paint better.

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