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Spirals and Dragons

I usually start my paintings with a line drawing which I transfer to my paper and then paint.

It makes me comfortable to have a plan and to have looked at the design and gotten things where I want them. But, I have experimented a bit with painting without a drawing. Some of these experiments have been quite successful.

I did the above painting without a drawing and while I love some parts of it I have mixed feelings about the overall result. There are a lot of sloppy edges. I also feel that more darks are needed but I'm not quite sure where. I do love the colors!

So I took the parts of the painting that I liked and I made some drawings and I painted this:

I think you can see that the design comes from the first painting even though the colors are

quite different.

I felt that it would make a good card and was trying to come up with a message or caption when I remembered dragons of the deep. In one of her books Madeleine L'Engle complains bitterly that when they updated the Book of Common Prayer they changed dragons to sea monsters. ! She was not happy with the change and I also prefer dragons. The quote worked because the card looks like ocean waves but also like dragon scales.

Google, after a bit of scrambling, kindly led me to Psalm 148 and the caption:

Praise the Lord from the earth, ye dragons and all deeps. . .

Praise ye the Lord!

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