• Kat

Small summer adventure

This is the Maury River - it hadn't rained in a while so it was more like a stream than a river. My husband and I had driven past it several times so we stopped to explore a little further. It was great! You can see that it's very rocky which is really nice for wading. Mud can be a big problem when you are wading in streams - it's very hard to tell how soft or deep it might be. So I went wading and explored a bit. The rocks underwater were tricky because some of them were very slick. I crossed the river once - wading- and concluded that swimming would be easier. It was - much easier! The water was lovely - that perfect temperature of cool to enter but warm enough for swimming.

Fortunately my husband took my picture because I struggle with selfies - I try for an enthusiastic smile which somehow turns into a grimace! I'm working on it although I don't seem to be making progress. The river, though, is quite photogenic and we had a lovely time.

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