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Right Now Sept.2019

I am designing a business card for myself. In October I will be a vendor at the Future with Hope Women's Conference. That will be October 18-19 at St Agnes Church in Arlington, VA. I'm really looking forward to it. I sold some paintings at a few art fairs when we lived in Texas but that was many years ago. In general it's fun to discuss my art with other people and see what they enjoy. Above is the painted background for my business card. It will say Joyful Colors in green on the yellow banner just as on the website and all the other information will be in the upper right corner. It was fun to paint!

I am also working on Christmas cards. I would like to have 2 Christmas cards ready to sell and on the website by November 1st. I don't usually work with a deadline so that's a little different. It's also a bit tricky to design out of season. Currently the weather is gorgeous - sunny and not too hot. It does make me think of Christmas time in Hawaii but for me Christmas is cold. I always hope for snow - sparkly, peaceful, that little bit of magic. That speaks to me of the promise of Christmas. At the moment one card will say Joy and the other Peace but since I'm still designing and not painting it could completely change by November.

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