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Right now Mar.2019

February was not a great month for me but there has been some progress. I did finish

the painting for the Joy card. I will probably put it on the website in the summer - June or July. The Questions card needs to be re-done - I have simplified the design but am not sure whether to dive in or make further changes. I am working on a third card but it doesn't have a name/theme yet. So all I can tell you is that so far it is purple and orange. It's in the beginning stages which I really enjoy.

This is about the painting I was working on. Above is a quick pictorial recap - photo idea, first painting, second painting not completed.

I'm very pleased with this final painting.

I like the layering - it adds a lot of depth.

I like the dramatic colors - I haven't worked with these colors very much so they are really exciting for me. I hope to get this and several other paintings matted and framed so they can debut on the website this summer. This painting does need a name. I'm considering Gold Dancing.

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