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Right now Feb.2019

I'd like to do this about once a month - let you know what I'm working on in my studio, right now. I'm working on 2 cards - one is about questions and features a question mark as the painting. It's very geometric. The other is the word Joy - in script - in bright red.

I'm also working on a painting that I'm going to tell you about. It's a work in progress.

I began with several photos - this is one of them. It was from a warm day and I had been

wading. I wanted to paint the feeling of the water - cool, exciting, moving - which is pretty tricky. I wanted to keep a lot of the colors. Water is usually painted as blue or green and I wanted to see if I could get the feeling of water using golds and perhaps some purple shadows. So, I started painting. After a bit things didn't seem to be working.

I gave up on the photo and on the feel of water and just looked at the painting. What did it need? It needed some darker areas. I added the dark wavy stripe on the right and that was better. I liked the new direction for this painting but felt a fresh start would help a lot.

This is the new painting. I am happy with it at this point and looking forward to finishing it in a week or two.

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