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O Christmas Tree

The tree is up and decorated - hooray! It's actually been up for over a week - the creatures -

my teenage son and my husband like to put the tree up earlier than I do and it was their turn this year.

As I was decorating I walked through history. So many ornaments and so many with stories.

The green, red and white God's eye is one of the oldest ornaments. My sister, who is now 40, made it for me when she was a little girl - it's probably 30 years old. It has been repaired - one of our cats felt it was his toy! It's one of my Christmas treasures.

As an artist I went through phases with the tree - white lights for a while, even blue one year, then back to multi-colored. For a few years I bought purple ornaments and thought they would be my theme but then I saw the red, black and gold ornament above and it was gorgeous - so I bought it and then a few red and gold friends to go with it. I realized I wasn't an ornament theme person. Our ornaments are eclectic: store bought, hand made, all colors, shapes and sizes.

There is a small wooden sewing machine my mom gave me. One ornament has a picture of my son at 2 years old. There are 3 brand new ones - copper leaves that my husband and I got this summer while vacationing in the Shenandoah mountains. I'm glad we managed to get them onto the tree - new ornaments can get lost because they aren't in the Christmas boxes. The tree is pretty and festive - but I think it is the history that gives me a sense of peace and satisfaction. I remember Christmas as a girl, as a teen, as a young wife. I remember difficult years and wonderful ones. Each year adds to the ones before. What does this Christmas bring?

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