• Kat

Morning on the beach

I love to walk on the beach in the morning! There aren't very many

people so I feel free to pray or dance or sing - and while I can comfortably

pray on a crowded beach and no one would ever know. . . dancing and singing

are much more fun for me when the beach isn't crowded. I can dance with the

waves and the breeze and together we rejoice in the new day.

Morning is also an excellent time of day to take pictures. The light does wonderful things. This is me - my shadow appears as a much wiser and more exotic woman - I was wearing a T-shirt and capri pants in case you are curious. I like my shadow robes.

The next pictures were a little challenging to get - it was a cold water day so my feet got very chilly. If you have been to the beaches on the Outer Banks of NC then you know what I mean by a cold water day. In case you haven't - the water temperature depends on the direction of the wind - when the breeze comes from the ocean the water is warm and lovely.

When the breeze comes from the land the water is cold! Very cold - sometimes you can

get accustomed and wade or enjoy a quick dip - but sometimes it's just too cold. In August I'll usually manage that quick dip just to cool off. The pictures were definitely worth the cold feet! I feel they capture the joyful liveliness of the water.

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