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morning, good?

When we adopted our son we didn't realize we had adopted an alarm clock. Like many young children Ian was an early riser and he woke full of energy which frequently translated into noise. He was usually up at 6 am - which is early for me. Some mornings it was awful. My husband coined the phrase "Grouchy as a Mommy in the morning." He and Ian found this very funny! (Yeah - I really didn't.)

Yet, there are beauties and joys that belong to the early morning. Visually it's a wonderful time of day - sunrise is lovely and morning light is golden and can make you feel the day holds great promise.

The truth is each day does hold great promise. So I have tried to develop a greater appreciation for morning. Thomas Merton has some beautiful reflections on morning:

"The first chirps of the waking birds mark the"point vierge"

of the dawn under a sky as yet without real light,

a moment of awe and inexpressible innocence,

when the Father in perfect silence opens their eyes. "

With a little effort I can enjoy many mornings. However, I did hope that when my son turned 13 he would start sleeping late as many teens do. He didn't and I was disappointed. But it was only delayed - at 14 he began to sleep late every chance he got. I do find this delightful - I can sleep in and the house is quiet when I get up. The quiet really allows me to enjoy mornings - to feel the promise and potential in the new day.

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