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make a joyful noise

A few years ago I decided I wanted to give one of my sisters a painting and since she is very musical I thought I would play with the treble clef a bit. I've always liked the treble clef - loops and swirls, very elegant. So I came up with a design and painted the painting on the left. I liked a lot of the painting but the upper right corner really bothered me - the design felt wrong and I was quite unhappy with the brown. So I put the painting away.

When I decided to make cards I thought I something with a musical reference would be nice. Music is very important to me - I like to sing and I sing in a small church choir. That lets me learn new songs which I enjoy! Music can lift me up, relax me, allow me to express some of my feelings. I also play the piano - but not well -just enough to read and learn new music. Our family has a small musical tradition - we sing grace before meals. We learned the grace on a family retreat a very long time ago and have sung it for about 48 years. When we sing together it's a moment of peace and unity.

So I pulled out the old painting and drawing. . . and was able to make a new design that I liked much better. In fact, I made two new designs. One of them was for the card and I am very pleased with the result. No brown and the overall design is more harmonious. Plus there is more purple which is great!

Make a joyful noise!

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