• Kat

Light in the Darkness (II)

I hesitate to share this - I started this card after the Las Vegas massacre. It's a very small and inadequate response - but it was an affirmation that I needed to make. It was a dark time.

For years this scripture has comforted me during dark times - when I am overwhelmed. I want to pray but I have no words - just anger, grief, and a feeling of powerlessness. So I light a candle on the mantelpiece and walk around my living room. I look at the candle and I try to find some response, some constructive outlet. Usually I'll raise my hands. . . and I'll walk and share my feelings with God.

After 9/11 there were many candlelight vigils. I remember driving to work one evening at dusk. I drove through the neighborhoods and on the sidewalks friends and families were

gathered - holding hands, holding candles. They gathered to grieve, to pray, to hope. They had hope and I have hope also because the Light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it.

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