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happy birthday!

This week my blog and website are a year old! It's a bit amazing. . . and time to pause briefly and assess. What have I learned?

I enjoy writing my blog. Initially I thought I would blog 3 times a week and I now

realize that was crazy. . . because it would not leave me time to paint. I would

become too focused on the blog. It occupies my mind and that's ok, even good, but

I also need space in my head for painting . I think once a week will be a more realistic goal. Perhaps twice a week if something happens. Something is likely to be a photo I've taken that I really like. Once a week is good for me - I have noticed that if I skip one week that can much too easily become 2 or 3 weeks. It's best not to skip even if I just write something very brief.

I need to work on promotion. My brother is also an artist - he teaches art and makes and sells pottery. He says you need 3 things - the artistic ability, the ability to run a business and the ability to promote your art business. I have the first two but the third. . . is much more

challenging for me. That is definitely something to work on this year. I can probably get some help from my son who has sales and promotion skills. Plus there is a lot of help available online - perhaps even too much.

I also need to get my paintings on the website. The difficulty is that I want to frame them first. That is a big project and will have to wait until next summer. One step at a time.

Pausing to reflect - I am glad I started my business. Sharing my cards and my thoughts is very satisfying. I hope to contribute something positive and enriching because there are

a lot of difficulties and problems to combat. A few days ago I got an e-mail from Father Clem Aapengnuo. Before Christmas many of us had donated with the goal of allowing him to buy cashew trees and beehives for his area of Ghana. It was a small start but he reports that it is going very well. It was lovely to hear from him and to hear good news.

So, today, my good news is to wish my business, Joyful Colors, a very Happy Birthday!

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