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growing as an artist II

I did a lot of painting in Texas. After I painted cannas I painted seashells. I know that doesn't make much sense - there are no beaches and therefore no shells in Central Texas. I had a small collection of shells from the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We had gone there every year in the summer while I was growing up. The shapes appealed to me and the shells held many memories.

I tried to find a photo of my best seashell painting. I even took 2 hours and cleaned out my craft closet but I couldn't find those photos. argh! This one is pretty nice - sometimes I'm happy with it and sometimes I want to paint it much larger and with more colors.

After the seashells I painted broken glass. I really liked the shapes plus I wanted to push a bit against expectations. When you say you paint watercolors people get a certain image in their minds - soft, flowing. Usually they ask if you paint landscapes. Watercolor can be used in a wide variety of ways and I wanted to explore that. Plus it is an ideal medium for handling glass because it handles transparency very well.

This is an intermediate painting - I like most of it. I really like the wood and the purple piece of glass. Together I think I should have adjusted the color a bit - they don't work as well with each other as they could. I don't really like the other piece of glass - the color is perfect, but the shape seems awkward.

This is my final broken glass painting. I was very pleased with it. It is peaceful and really allowed me to play with the shapes and transparency. The two pieces of glass near the center have wonderful edges and shadows. This is also an award winning painting - I entered it in the same local contest as the cannas painting, but the next year and it won first place as well.

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