• Kat

Golden glory

There is a point in the fall when the woods turn golden - lots and lots of bright leaves. On

sunny days I take more and more pictures, every year, even as I say to myself, "You know, you took a picture of that exact tree last year." This self monologue doesn't stop my hands as they respond to the delight before my eyes. So, yesterday, as happens every year my phone put a halt to this process declaring that I had no more space for photos. (sigh) I did go home, download and delete and will probably take more pictures today. I enjoy these photos particularly in February when things can get dreary.

To me the leaves are reminders of the abundance of God's grace. The leaves are abundant!

Each leaf is unique and beautifully formed. Many have glorious colors as well. They dance joyfully in the wind and form a carpet under my feet. As I walk I try to place myself in God's presence, to listen, to be aware of God's great love and grace. I collect leaves and take pictures and allow myself to rejoice in all this beauty.

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