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Earth Art

Time for a change of pace - I'd like to write about James Brunt! He creates beautiful patterns and designs from natural objects like twigs, leaves and stones. His art is outside and harmonizes with the surroundings but it isn't permanent. He does photograph his artwork so more people can see and enjoy it. There are beautiful photos on his website:


My favorites are the beach art - he collects hundreds, perhaps thousands of stones and arranges them in spirals or concentric circles. I certainly share his interest in spirals. I particularly like Filey beach because there are larger stones outside the circle that feel like watchers or monks to me. There is also a photo of the tide beginning to invade the piece which is marvelous.

Another thing I found fascinating were his photos of the European Stone Stacking Championship. What ? ! No, I had never heard of it before either. You should check it out - some of the stones do not seem subject to the laws of gravity. They are balanced delicately and carefully even though they are pretty large. When the sea is behind the balanced stones the image is deeply tranquil. Visiting James Brunt's website inspires and encourages me.

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