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I was searching the web - looking at mandalas - lots of wonderful images - when I came

across this astonishing project. Roberts Creek is a park in Canada and every year

they paint a huge mandala. An artist - Robert Marion - paints the overall design in white paint and then the community can join in - each person painting a small part until the whole design is complete.

They began doing this in 1997. A few people came with paint cans to paint over some graffiti and since then the project has grown. Every summer they repaint the mandala.

At first I wondered how they could stand to paint over it - destroying the art. But a few summers back I painted my front door. It was supposed to be cream with some purple and blue accents - but it ended up a glorious lavender with cream stripes and dark purple swirls.

I loved it. The next summer I was strongly tempted to repaint it - to do something new.

I didn't but I now understand that at Roberts creek they are creating something new each year. Plus they are creating something new involving several hundred people - which is unusual. It's such a great thing - to involve so many people in a public art piece. You can find more about this at www.robertscreekmandala.org. Here is one more of my favorites - I love the spirals!

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