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With all the recent events I am caught between a torrent of words and no words at all. The death of George Floyd and the protests coming on top of so many weeks of difficult coronavirus isolation feels overwhelming. So I offer you the above painting - I painted it a few years ago. It is called 'Community'.

In the bible Jesus is asked a question - "Who is my neighbor?" We know the answer but it calls for further reflection and action. I also thought of a song that expressed some of my feelings. I want to thank my cousin for posting it earlier this week.

"Draw the circle, draw the circle wide.

Draw the circle, draw the circle wide.

No one stands alone; we'll stand side by side.

Draw the circle, draw the circle wide.

Draw the circle wide, draw it wider still.

Let this be our song - no one stands alone.

Standing side by side. . .

Draw the circle, draw the circle wide."

lyrics by Gordon Light


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