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Come Holy Spirit

You may have noticed that this card is a little different from the others. It's actually very different but the photos are deceptive. All the other cards are from small watercolor paintings - but this is an acrylic painting and it is significantly larger - 3 feet by 5 feet. The size gives it a much stronger visual impact if you have seen the original painting. So, what is the story?

A while back a friend of mine - I'll call her R - was asked to lead a retreat. She would have a lot of responsibility but she was ready and said yes. She picked "Holy Spirit, You are Welcome Here" for her theme. This is a beautiful song written by Brian and Katie Torwalt. You can hear it on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zARVp3420I

I wanted to make a banner for this retreat because R is a close friend and my sister was working on the retreat and many other friends too. So I asked her and she said, "You know, Kat, I'm not a very visual person." . . . and I thought, "Huh, well maybe not." But over the next several days I realized I wanted to make this banner so I checked in with another person who was responsible for getting a banner and providing other support. She gave me the response I had expected before,"Oh, yes, Kat that would be great!" That was pretty much all I needed to hear.

I had painted a banner for a similar retreat a few years before so I knew how to set it up. My house is small but in some ways an acrylic painting is easier than a watercolor. I bought primed canvas and hung it from a dowel. I made it so I could raise and lower it and hung it in my dining room. It was hanging on the wall - so it didn't take up any space. Acrylic paintings are very hard to harm once they dry and they dry quickly. This meant I could leave it hanging up - which allowed me to look at it as much as I needed and wanted. (By contrast, watercolors are very easy to damage.) I was fortunate - I had the summer to work on it - which was great. The design came fairly quickly and the colors also. I was a little rusty working with acrylics, but it came back. I really enjoy the final painting. My friend, R, also loved it! She actually loved it so much that she has a framed photo of it in her house. The original is hanging in my dining room where I can enjoy it.

Since the quote, "Holy Spirit, You are Welcome Here", is from a song and under copyright I simply changed the words to "Holy Spirit Come Be With Us" for the card. As we get ready to celebrate the New Year let's see if we can take some time for quiet thought and may the Spirit of God give us guidance and wisdom for 2019.

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