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Art Quilts

Quilts inspire me. I have made a few but they inspire me to paint more than to quilt. The colors, the choices, the fabrics all fill me with joy and open possibilities for me. This quilt is from a wonderful exhibit that I saw many years ago. It is by Kathleen Sharp and is titled "Calling all Hearts." It represents a playing card - the nine of hearts.

Sue Pierce, a quilter, came up with the idea to illustrate a deck of cards with art quilts. She invited 53 other quilters to be part of the project. Each chose or was assigned a playing card and each created a small quilt - the size was 28 by 18 inches. Sue chose this small size so the exhibit would be easier to display and pack.

I saw the exhibit at the Smithsonian in the 90's and it was marvelous! You can see it now if you happen to be in (or near) San Diego - it is at the Visions Art Museum. One of the great things about this exhibit is that there are so many different artists represented. It's amazing to see the different styles and the different thoughts and images associated with each card. Many artists choose the same subjects - for example - a lot of watercolor artists paint iris. One brings one's self to the piece, a personal inner vision, and that is what transforms a representation into art.

This Six of Diamonds, quilted by Susan Ball Faeder, is one of my favorites. I like the subtle greys and purples. These subtle colors contrast with the strong, clear geometric design. The fabrics draw me into wonder.

Since you may not be anywhere near San Diego in the next few months I will tell you that the exhibit was beautifully catalogued and that book is available although you will have to buy a used copy. That means it will be quite reasonable. The cover is below: 'Art Quilts: Playing with a full deck' by Sue Pierce and Verna Suit. It has a full page color illustration of each quilt and many other goodies. I open it often and would like to say "Thank-you" to Sue Pierce and the other 53 artists for their beautiful and inspiring work.

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