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a Star dancing

Some people have asked about Christmas cards and I have replied "Not this year."

That is not entirely true - this was painted as a Christmas card but I didn't want to give it a Merry Christmas caption. I wanted to give it this caption -

"A star, a star dancing in the night

with a tail as big as a kite. . ." but those words belong to Noel Regney who wrote the lyrics for the carol "Do you hear what I hear?" Sometimes I can come up with an alternate saying that I like but this time I couldn't so I left the card blank.

The design for this painting comes from a quilt block - a four pointed star made of diamond shapes. I cannot find the block now - but I started with it and then changed things until the star was dancing in the sky. I think I chose this star because it was elegant and relatively simple. I really like stars -

4 points, 5 points, 6 or more. . . beautifully regular or wildly reaching. . . I can spend a lot

of time on Powerpoint playing with equilateral triangles, six pointed stars and hexagons but

most of those designs are a little complex for a painting, especially a smaller one.

I used salt to create some of the texture in 3 sections. I don't often use salt but I felt that texture would help the star to sparkle! This was my second attempt at this painting - the first has no technical problems but the colors aren't as pretty and I didn't use salt. So this is better.

I know that purple and blue aren't Christmas colors for some people, but I am very fond of purple and it is lovely with blue. A star with blues and purples is exactly the kind of Christmas card I like. Sadly, having inventoried my closet, I already have 7 boxes of Christmas cards and really no reason to buy any new ones this year. I might send about half of those but I may send a few of my dancing star anyway!

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