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A Resurrection People

At Easter, I miss our friend, Fr. Clem Aapengnuo, the most. Fr. Clem is from Ghana and

was studying at George Mason to get a PhD in conflict resolution. He was with our church for seven years. He is joyful, passionate and a gifted speaker. He is also 6 feet, 6 inches - which gives him a lot of presence. On Easter Sunday he would be up on a stage and he

would raise his arms and proclaim "We are a resurrection people!" That was glorious and is one of my favorite memories.

Easter Sunday we are filled with rejoicing - our prayers, our songs, our many repeated Alleluias! Today, as I walked in the woods that rejoicing was reinforced. It's a gorgeous sunny day: warm, but not hot, the trees are light green with new leaves, the butterflies

dance through the woods. I want to rejoice completely but I cannot. The bombings in Sri Lanka weigh heavily with me and reinforce the many horrors of our world. What does it mean to be a resurrection people in these troubled times?

My honest answer is that I don't know. I believe in the resurrection - that God and good,

light and grace, joy and laughter are victorious over evil, darkness and despair. Clearly we are still on the road and the journey continues. I feel deeply shaken and am beginning to see that that is ok. I worked in my garden yesterday because it is a good place for me to find peace, to reconnect with God's grace. To be a resurrection people means that we will be deeply grieved by difficulties and sorrows, but we will also have hope - hope that changes can be made, that peace can be found. The words of an old and powerful song have been with me today: "We shall overcome some day." Alleluia!

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