• Kat

A new family member

I'm going to start posting a picture of the week. This is Crackle - our new baby kitten. I hadn't planned to get a new kitten, in fact my plans were to not get a kitten. But. . .

On Saturday we dropped our son off at camp where he is working this summer. My husband and I were staying overnight at a B&B and there was a mama cat with 4 kittens! So, she practically came to us. Fortunately I have the rest of the summer to teach her all the rules of the household. Yes, you can climb up on the mantelpiece but never on the kitchen counters. . . etc. I know she finds this ridiculous but I have pipe cleaners, treats and a squirt bottle. . . and the advantage of 3 prior kitties who were all relatively civilized. She likes sleeping on people best - which I love - very soothing.


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