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A great teacher (part II)

This is one of the first paintings I did in my classes with Dave Daniels. I remember it as a very boring painting. Dave, being a great teacher, didn't say that - he said the design was very good. That is true. It also has a certain elegance that I didn't recall. The colors, however, are boring and I wanted to paint in a way that had more color and more freedom. Dave is great at both of those although he believes in planning and structure as well.

This painting, which I did some time later, shows progress in the right direction. You can't tell but it is much bigger than the first painting. It's not as good - there are problems with the rocks and the water that can't be solved but the colors are more vibrant and reflect the way I feel about trees and tree roots. I think it's pretty exciting. The classes were definitely helping me to make progress.

This is my favorite painting from my time with Dave. I was and am very happy with this! It might have too much texture. . . but the design is quite good and I absolutely love the colors. This is my youngest sister, Jamie, who was kind enough to pose for me. I took dozens of photos - inside and outside, different poses, different hairstyles and the only thing she ever said was that it was easy because I told her exactly what I wanted her to do. . . (well, yes, I did. . . but she did it without complaining which let me concentrate on getting the photos that I wanted.) This painting is about 18 years old. . . and looking at it still makes me joyful and excited. This past Christmas I finally gave it to Jamie because even though I love it I was pretty sure I wouldn't hang it in my house and paintings should be hung on walls where people can enjoy them.

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