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A great teacher

In 2000 we moved back to the US from Armenia and into our present house in Arlington,

Virginia. I was working part time and I looked for a watercolor teacher. I really hadn't been able to paint in Armenia. I found David R. Daniels. He wasn't nearby but I needed something beyond a beginner's class and he seemed to be a good choice. At that time he gave lessons in his studio which was near Tacoma Park. So I went for my first lesson.

I walked into the studio. It was remarkable - truly a great space to create art. First there were the paintings. A standard sheet of watercolor paper is 22 by 30 inches and the largest watercolor paintings I had ever seen were that size. I usually painted smaller but those were the largest watercolors that I thought you could paint. Dave frequently paints much larger - 5 feet by 3 feet - and of course these gorgeous, huge paintings were hanging on one wall of the studio. I spent a lot of time looking at them and learned a great deal just from that. The one above - Grasshopper Leap - is one of my favorites.

The light was wonderful - two of the walls had large windows - sometimes with dozens of seedlings in them. The room was also full of cool stuff - this is a little hard to explain. The only thing I remember was a ceiling to floor rainbow mobile - constantly in motion. But a lot of it was similar to my own stuff - not the same - but similar. I have marbles, sea shells, rocks that are interesting, a few pine cones, pieces of wood. . . just things that I might want to paint or that are interesting to look at. The studio was full of things like that. So, before we even talked about painting or painted at all I knew this would be a great place to learn.

Dave has a website if you'd like to see more of his work. It's mr.watercolor.com. The paintings are much better if you actually see them but you can enjoy them on-line.

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