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Welcome to Joyful Colors

I like to use my hands. I like to knit and sew, I like to cook and garden, and I love to paint.


I began painting as a teenager - there was a woman who lived a few blocks away who gave my sister and me lessons.  I remember sitting at her dining room table and painting washes and simple landscapes.

I am now in my fifties and I have painted - off and on - ever since. 

I believe that an artist should, like the prophet John, testify to the Light.  Art should make you aware that what you see and touch isn't all that there is - it should lift you beyond the everyday and help open you up to more.  All of us know there are so many intangible things that are important - love, hope, generosity are a few of them. Sometimes these intangible qualities, this larger world, can be found in my paintings - it's certainly a big part of why I paint.

There is, of course, the more tangible part - the colors are gorgeous!  With paint I can mix exactly the color I want most of the time.  When I can't or the color isn't working then there is something to explore.  There is the delight of design - I can move things around, put them where I want, make them larger or smaller.  I can choose a lot of control and start with a drawing and a plan for values and colors or I can simply begin with one color and see what happens.  It's a joyful process.  Certainly the results can be varied. . . but if you make no attempts there are no results at all.

I hope you enjoy my work!


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